Italian design and digital counterattack stories

Italian design and Covid-19: eight digital counterattack stories

Italian design and Covid-19: eight digital counterattack stories First quarters are usually an exciting time for the design industry, with lots of tradeshows all over the world. But this year, Covid-19 has wreaked global havoc, turning these major events into virtual formats, in the best cases, or into deserted places, in the worst ones. Italy, …

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Digital resilience to overcome the COVID-19 business crisis

Digital resilience to overcome the COVID-19 business crisis Viruses know no borders, and the impacts of coronavirus on business will continue to spread worldwide. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, there’s no doubt this global pandemic is forcing you to overhaul your entire digital ecosystem as the traditional business has stopped: shops are …

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Craftsmen and cross-border e-commerce: (finally) a winning business model?

The “Grande Exposition du Fabriqué en France” at the Élysée Palace and Maison & Objet took place recently: opportunities for craftsmen featuring Made in France to honor their unique know-how and their commercial approach adapted to digital innovations, such as cross-border e-commerce.

Craftsmen are not afraid to go for export.

Our Made in France craftsmen have got talent and they do not hesitate to make it known beyond the borders of France! Take the example of Fluid, glassware producer. Located in Belle-Île-en-Mer in Morbihan, last year the producer received the great prize, the Stars et Métiers, for export operations. Its team of six collaborators manages the artisanal production of unique pieces and participates in export.

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Fashion e-commerce & cross-border: some Love Stories from France

The technological revolution has united the world in many different ways, e-commerce is one of them. While the big players like Amazon or Alibaba are way ahead of the game, it’s never too late to make the shift from the high streets to the internet. In fact, any brand with a simple product offering can rise to the top of the global recognition, with some simple crossborder ecommerce strategies.

This is what brands like Monsieur TSHIRT and Coton Doux did, with splendid success. These two French brands came up with a unique product offering to compete with the prestigious leading brands. Yet, they reached to their planned trajectory of success way before expectations with a French presence in the case of Monsieur TSHIRT, and a cross-border one for Coton Doux. These love stories from France are good examples of making a dream come true in the national and global scale, without really having to spend a fortune in traditional stores, distributors’ commissions and other such middlemen fees.


The BUFF® dream: How to turn a personal passion into a worldwide multichannel success

What puts a brand like BUFF® on the international market? Two words, ecommerce and export, words that are ordinary, yet extraordinary. The traditional economic concept of matching demand with supply is not new to ecommerce, and combined with export in a highly digital world, such as the one we live in, creates extraordinary effects. This is what BUFF® achieved, by reaching fans and clients all over the world, most of whom are outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. With a presence on online platforms, and through trade partnerships, a man’s simple idea has made it to the thresholds of global commerce, garnering a good number of both local and international buyers.

Did Taobao do that on Weibo to dwarf Cdiscount?

Ecommerce and marketplaces progressively rely on a communication strategy that is increasingly focused on social media to stimulate their commercial performance. So, is communication on social networks useful to ecommerce? How exactly do European digital marketing strategy differentiate from that in China? This article shows the examples of Cdiscount and Taobao in France and China, with the aim to share some insights and ideas for international strategies.

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How to make social media a driving force for your cross-border ecommerce?

Social media have been the hottest marketing channel for more than a decade, mainly because they’re relatively cheap, they allow 1-to-1 interactions and they’re instantly measurable. However, social media are not global and cross-border e-commerce SMEs are struggling to use them!
In this post we walk you through some tips based on our IRL experience on how to use social media internationally.

The secrets of Blanc des Vosges’ export success: Made in France & digital

Blanc des Vosges‘ history begins as early as 1843. The family-run French business manufactures large ranges of high-quality home linens and stylish interior design collections. Today the company sells its products in more than 1,500 stores all over the world. How do the brand’s unique export strategy and digital marketing bring success? There might be a lot to discover of its export plan.