Export Multichannel Audit

We use a set of specific questions to analyze the digital and export assets of your company to assess your readiness for doing business in the international markets with a multichannel approach.

Firstly, we’ll analyze the skills of your team, to evaluate their ability to tackle the export sales development, international digital marketing, logistics, administration, and customer support for the foreign markets. We will then move on to your production tools, to make sure they can keep up with the increased levels of supply and are able to adapt to the foreign demands. Finally, we’ll also study the competitive landscape of your sector, to measure the strength of your value proposition against your competitors, and to identify the best channels for your company, be it digital or mortar, B2B or B2C.

We offer three different types of audit:

The first one is a self-audit that’s free of charge and can be done through our online form
The second type is accompanied by a 2-hour personal phone interview, resulting in a customized audit report
The third option is similar in style to the second one, an in depth face to face interview with the managers directly in charge of export activities in your company, again resulting in a customized audit report

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