« In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want. »

Export Projects
Alice Foote MacDougall (1867–1945), U.S. businesswoman

Export projects can be big or small. But size doesn't matter...

What does matter is the projects’ success!

We managed many digital export projects all over the world and in several sectors, from apparel and fashion accessories, to food, jewelry, well-being, home decoration, and high tech. Below are just three examples among all the digital export projects we managed since ToWebOrNotToWeb started. 

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export projects
International Digital Marketing
Strategy and Planning
One of the top luxury cashmere manufacturers in the world wanted to grow its digital marketing internationally. ToWebOrNotToWeb helped the business start multilingual SEO, SEA, SMO, and SMA around the world.
export projects
Cross-Border B2B Web
Development & Ecommerce
A leading gourmet food ecommerce business decided to start its cross-border B2B online sales. The CEO selected ToWebOrNotToWeb to build a new B2B website and to start on a key international B2B marketplace.
Digital Export Strategy
and Management
A business in the well-being sector wanted to enter new markets overseas. Due to a lack of internal resources, the CEO hired ToWebOrNotToWeb to design the multichannel entry strategy and manage the export sales resulting from it.

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