International Website Audit & Strategy

Although English is by far the most common language on the internet, only a quarter of about 85% of web users are actually native speakers. Over 23% are Chinese users and it takes another 8 languages to make up the rest of these 85% of users. An international website audit is needed to make sure that your web assets are appropriate for the foreign markets.

So if you want to reach a larger number of online customers and grow your export, you must optimize your website for the people living in your export markets who don’t speak English. It’s a powerful marketing action for a relatively small investment. And in our more and more competitive world, having a multilingual website increases the chances of export success.

But what does it take to make a website ready for international buyers?

First, the company must decide which export markets it wants to target and which languages it wants to use. Then, it has to decide if it needs a website localization or a website internationalization: that means either a simple domain structure attached to the company generic domain (a .com for example) or a fully independent domain structure based on a domain name per each export market. This second option goes much further into the adaptation to the local market and it can be calibrated with specific content, graphics, colors, UX, etc.

Choosing between these two strategies can be time-consuming and ineffective. This is why ToWebOrNotToWeb helps its clients in this process by analyzing their current digital assets through an international website audit, by understanding their export needs, and by providing the right strategy that includes the domain structure, CMS, local SEO, servers’ location, UX and type of content that best fit the clients’ project.

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