International SEO & SEA Localisation

Google has localized its services all over the world, so Germans search on, English on, Estonians on, etc. Like the tech giant, every company should implement an international localized SEO strategy.

If you want your potential customers to easily find you in your export markets, you must ensure that your website or your ecommerce site can be seen by the local Google’s robots. That only happens if your SEO (search engine optimization) parameters are set correctly and localized for your export markets. If this is not done, or is executed badly, your website will show lower in the local search results or even worse – not show at all.

The same optimization has to be done for the SEA (search engine advertising) using some of the same SEO parameters in order to synergetically improve the organic visibility of your website.

ToWebOrNotToWeb works with local search engine experts that can easily optimize both the international SEO and SEA of your company’s website or ecommerce. And not only for Google, but also for Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. – any search engines that are the most used in your export markets.

We can integrate these optimizations directly in your CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, etc.) or provide all the SEO and SEA recommendations to you if you prefer to do such integration inhouse with your team.

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